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@VictoriaS @OfDogsAndMenDOC "Of Dogs and Men" literally kicked off DOJ Summit on police use of force re: pets. Honored to be part of solution.

- James Crosby M.S.‏@TheDogGuyJim

In 2015 the LVMPD developed mandatory instruction and began training officers to recognize aggressive dog behavior and how to use catchpoles when encountering these dogs. To date in 2016, the LVMPD has had no incidents of deadly force encounters against a dog. The implementation of the catchpoles has reduced the fear of officers in stopping and neutralizing the threat of dogs. Moving forward the LVMPD will continue to train our officers annually, giving them refresher courses on dog encounters.. As always it is LVMPD’s goal to use deadly force only as a last resort as in the prevention of death or serious bodily injury to humans. With proper training, we are hoping that future encounters will be less likely.

Officer Larry Hadfield, Office of Public Information, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department