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Clive Lazarus

Saw the documentary tonight. Excellent, excellent, excellent work. As difficult as it was to watch, it was so important to bring this epidemic to everyone's attention. Thank you.

Sheryl Franklin

My DVD arrived! Powerful, just powerful. Joe Friday would be proud, just the facts. No ranting or raving, but the presentation of the problem with solutions. I'm thrilled I supported this first rate film.

Jess Lute

My husband and I watched this film for the first time tonight. It has struck such a cord with us, as our dogs (Frank & Belle) unite us and make us a family. As a passionate animal lover, I can only hope that this film will help ignite change in our laws and educate the public & police alike. I can't imagine the unnecessary horror these families experienced. We were baffled that officers so easily shot dogs that were a.) nowhere near them or b.) happily wagging their tails. I can only hope that in the future, our police (who are in place to SERVE and PROTECT the public - pets and humans alike) will work harder to come to sensible non-violent conflict resolution when it comes to our pets' safety and our own! One dog shot every hour of every day is a staggering statistic. Let's fight for change with knowledge and positivity! Kudos to everyone involved in the making of this film!

The Denofrio-Floyd Family

Bravo! It was amazing! Everything I hoped it would be!
SUCH a beautiful film. This was so informative to those who aren't aware. We purchased this & watched it this evening w/ our 3 dogs. Hold those fur-babies close for this one & you'll need tissues for a couple of parts. 
I think this film will open MANY eyes & bring about the change in laws protecting our pets, that this country for that, we'd like to thank you.

Nancy White

Ron & I watched the documentary "Of Dogs and Men" It is a pleasure to see there are so many people in the USA working hard at stopping wrongful dog deaths at the hands of police. This documentary was very balanced, in that it gives all sides of the picture. Very well put together. 

Jeffrey Justice

I have seen it 4 times now and each time it hits me in a different way.